5 Must-Known Benefits of Mobile Steam Car Wash Service


5 Must-Known Benefits of Mobile Steam Car Wash Service

Steam cleaning is the most adaptable type of cleaning. It utilizes the same technology as pressure washing, but it has an additional heating mechanism. Through this heating mechanism, the water is heated until it becomes a gas (steam) before shooting out of the hose. This steam softens up the inflated dirt adhered to the surface of the car. The steam jet used in Mobile Steam Car Wash is completely safe and can be used on all vehicles, giving a spotless exterior finish.

In Mobile Steam Car Wash, low water content is used which effectively cleans the engine, air conditioning system, instrument panel, and other sensitive parts without causing any damage. This process is very simple and quick – making it a good choice for everyone!

Steam Car Wash Service has revolutionized the entire car wash industry around the world. Presently, more than 90% of people are focused on using steam cleaning methods i.e. Dry Steam Car Wash or Wet Steam Car Wash rather than ordinary car wash cleaning. Different factors have contributed towards the rise of steam cleaning i.e. restriction on water wastage, high-pressure water sprayers can get moisture insensitive automotive electronics, the banning of harsh chemicals and less consumption of time and effort.

Besides all this, some of the well-known benefits of Mobile Steam Car Wash Service includes:

1. Eco-friendliness

It is one of the most significant benefits of Steam Car Wash. This method uses a steam jet for cleaning, so there is very little consumption of water for washing and there is no wastewater run-off. Go green with Engine Detoxers by using its Mobile Car Wash service! It’s a perfect way of water-saving and having an environmentally friendly car wash, deodorizing, and sterilizing – all at the same time without the usage of any chemicals.

Mobile Steam Car Wash is an eco-friendly technology that makes the sanitization of vehicles possible without causing any harm to the environment without the use of any chemicals.


2. Provides Deep Cleaning

The heated steam can remove all the dirt and grime off the vehicles very easily. Those areas where it is difficult for water to enter and do cleaning, steam reaches there and cleans that area thoroughly without causing any damage. Steam cleaning provides a deep clean as it’s done both on the outside and inside of a vehicle.

  • Quick and effective cleaning of parts that are difficult to reach without steam.
  • It leaves a shiny, clean, and scratch-free surface.
  • Deep cleaning of the engine and undercarriage.
  • Cleaning and sanitization of the vehicle’s interior, including leather upholstery.
  • Removal of stubborn grime, oil, and grease from all parts of the vehicle.
  • Thorough cleaning of doors, windows, dashboards, seats, and carpets, etc.

3. Flexibility

Steam Cleaning is a very flexible method. As steam enters everywhere easily, it provides a thorough cleaning as compared to other methods of cleaning. Steam is non-abrasive that’s why this method is perfect for all types of vehicles i.e. deluxe limos, heavy bikes, and classic cars, etc. It is always safe to steam clean your vehicle as it leaves a smooth, clean, and scratch-less surface.


4. Hypoallergenic Method

Ticks are fleas that are mostly hidden inside the upholstery that may cause a bacterial or fungal infection, which further leads to allergic diseases.

With prolonged chemical treatments, the bacteria and viruses become resistant to the products used in the treatments. But these pathogenic agents are not resistant to the thermal shock of steam cleaning. That’s why steam cleaning is known to be a hypoallergenic method. Unlike other methods of cleaning, steam can enter into hidden areas such as cracks and crevasses. When every part of the vehicle is cleaned, there are no chances for the pathogenic agents to survive. No usage of water, instant drying after cleaning, and no usage of chemicals are all factors that are very helpful in maintaining the optimum sanitary conditions in steam cleaning.


5. Economical

Steam cleaning is economical in various ways. Some of them are as follow:

  • Deep cleaning is done in less time and money.
  • It cuts the cost of labor (30% reduction in manpower usage).
  • As steam cleaning is done without any chemicals, it is a sanitized and cost-effective method.
  • Requires very less consumption of water (80% less than the other cleaning methods)
  • Reduced cost of disposal (90% less detergent is used than the other methods)

It can be used both on the outside and inside of vehicles, there is no need for changing the machinery on electrical parts.