About The Technology

Engine Detoxers is a Carbon Cleaning company based in Ontario, Canada. The HHO Carbon Cleaning machine, also known as HHO Carbon Cleaner is an auto carbon cleaning machine that is specifically designed to remove the internal carbon deposits in spark plugs, fuel supply nozzles, and other engine components.

Carbon cleaning is the most advanced technology of de-carbonization that helps in improving engine power, reduces vehicle exhaust and save fuel.

Our cleaning machine is tested rigorously to ensure it’s doing the job right the first time around. If you’re looking for a carbon cleaner/cleaning company, then you have come to the right place. Just give us a call we will be right there for the engine cleaning!


HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning removes carbon completely from all critical parts of the engine and restores its maximum power.


Carbon-containing engines do not extradite their built-in specifications, resulting in increased fuel consumption and power loss. Reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption and maximize its engine’s power by ED’s HHO Carbon Cleaning!


Cleaning your vehicle’s engine using our HHO Carbon Cleaning service is the perfect way to improve environmental friendliness; as the process results in no harmful emissions.

What is HHO Carbon Cleaning?

HHO Carbon Cleaning is the most economical, yet effective engine carbon cleaning machine that is used to remove carbon deposits safely from the vehicle’s engine. Generated purely by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen – this is an advanced method to clean carbon from the engine quickly. HHO Carbon Cleaner cleans away all the build-up carbon efficiently; without causing any harm to the environment. It is different from the traditional carbon reducing methods; as it cause no pollution, no release of harmful gases or chemical additives to harm humans, vehicles or the environment. Save your time, fuel and the environment by using the best carbon cleaning machine. For more information, call us at 647-523-9210!

What are the benefits of HHO Carbon Cleaner?

Increased Mileage:

In most of the petrol-driven vehicles, you could gain about 30% – 50% of mileage. While diesel-driven vehicles can even get greater efficiencies between 40% – 70%. The mileage gain is specifically dependent on your engine’s size. Larger the engine, greater the gains will be seen. These gains will be achieved with no modifications to your engine.


Greater Power

Once you’re done with HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning, your engine will start running smoothly with the increased power of about 10%. This is because of the better combustion, as a result of the burning of fuel and HHO (oxyhydrogen) together.

Oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas burns 200 times faster than petrol/gasoline; resulting in good combustion. This makes your vehicle’s engine cooler which means less engine wear and greater power.


Cleaner Engine

Through HHO Carbon Cleaning service, the carbon deposits in your engine (piston tops and valves, etc.) will be cleaned and your vehicle will run smoother and efficiently with increased power. It doesn’t oil up your spark plugs; and gives a better spark.

After carbon cleaning, the engine oil does not degrade fast as the engine runs cooler and with fewer carbon deposits; helping the oil retain its composure. Engine cleaning also increases the lifespan of your catalytic converters. Ultimately resulting in an increased life of your engine due to the reduced engine wear.


Keep the Environment Green

The process of HHO Carbon Cleaning burns HHO, changing your emissions for the better. An increased amount of Oxygen and reduction in harmful emissions i.e. carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gasses help in contributing towards a safer, cleaner, and green environment.

Why do I need Engine Carbon Cleaning?

For achieving the maximum engine power, you need an unobstructed air and fuel delivery. But this gets affected when carbon deposits clog valves and injectors. Sediments cause insufficient combustion, intake valve fuel adsorption, and nozzle atomization is not complete, resulting in loss of power in your vehicle’s engine. To avoid these problems, you need to carbon clean your vehicle and that is why it is important too.